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Growers can realize an average yield increase of 14 bushels per acre on corn* and 5 bushels per acre on soybeans.**

Toggle® is proven to enhance yield and defend against yield-robbing impacts by supporting root growth and boosting nutrient uptake… especially in less than ideal soil and weather conditions. The stress is coming – contact your local retailer and apply Toggle® today!

*Corn rate is an average of over 20 replicated and grower trials over multiple years throughout the U.S. corn belt.
**Soybean rate is an average of 38 replicated and non-replicated trials conducted in 2012 – 2016 in the following states: Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, North Carolina, Tennessee and Wisconsin.

What is Toggle®?

Toggle® is derived from marine plant extract and has been specially developed for row crops including corn, soybeans, wheat, cotton, sugar beets, and more. This extract is carefully created during our proprietary manufacturing process that preserves and enhances critical bioactive compounds.

Scientifically proven on farm and in replicated trials, Toggle® works at the cellular level to:

  • Create early significant root and plant growth.
  • Help your crops resist environmental stress such as heat and drought.
  • Enhance nutrient uptake to improve yield potential and make better use of fertility programs.