The Science

How Does Toggle® Improve Yield?

  • Improves the plant’s ability to REDUCE THE IMPACT of ENVIRONMENTAL STRESS
  • Improves YIELD

How Does Toggle® Have Power?

Impacts Multiple Systems Within the Plant

Plants benefit from its multiple modes of action due to impacts throughout the life cycle in both optimal growing conditions and in times of stress.

Supports plant growth in times of stress

  • Elicits antioxidant production
  • Modulates plant hormone balance
  • Elicits proline production
  • Contains natural betaines, plus elicits betaine production within the plant
  • Enhances water conservation and drought tolerance by enabling faster stomatal closure.

Contains bioactive compounds that help increase nutrient uptake

  • Mannitol
  • Key polysaccharides (FCPs)
  • Alginates
  • Reduces stress
  • Enhances nutrient uptake
  • Increases root growth

Elicits Protective Compounds in Times of Stress

Elicits antioxidant production

  • Increases stress tolerance and cell integrity
  • Neutralizes free radicals
  • Strengthens cell wall membranes
  • Protects key metabolic enzymes
  • Mediates water balance in stress situations to prevent cell water loss

What are Reactive Oxygen Species?

Free radicals are an example of Reactive Oxygen Species. These molecules have unpaired electrons, making them both highly reactive and destructive. Antioxidants help neutralize these free radicals to protect cells and keep plants healthy.


How Does Toggle® Support?

Healthy Plant Function in Times of Stress

  • Protects chlorophyll to keep the plant green and growing during periods of stress
  • Mediates stomatal conductance
  • Stimulates root elongation to better scavenge water during periods of stress

Beneficial Effect on Stomatal Conductance

Under ideal growing conditions

  • Stomatal conductance is improved to modulate the flow of nutrients and water
  • Allows increased absorption of CO2 for increased photosynthesis

During early onset of drought and heat stress

  • Reduces stomatal conductance
  • Allows water conservation during periods of water stress
  • Allow stomata to function for a longer period during water stress



What Does Toggle® Contain?

Critical Elements to Support Water Stress Tolerance:

Mannitol (sugar alcohol) – Protects critical cell water balance in stress situations to prevent cell water loss.
Key polysaccharides (FCPs) – Increases stress tolerance by improving antioxidant levels that maintain cell wall integrity.
Proline – Toggle® elicits the synthesis of proline, which allows plants to improve cell water balance in situations where water is limited.
Alginates – Enhance the plant’s ability to improve nutrient uptake through chelation.
Natural betaines plus elicits betaine production – Raises the osmotic pressure of the cytoplasm to prevent cell water loss due to dry or salty environments and balances cell water content for greater photosynthesis.

Bioactive Compounds to Power-up Root Systems:

Toggle® contains fucose-rich sulphated polysaccharides and alginates, bioactive compounds which:

  • Modulate hormone levels, resulting in fuller root systems
  • Elicit auxin-like activity, which stimulates root initiation and the formation of vascular tissue

This activity enhances the formation of small absorptive roots and root tips to:

  • Increase root surface
  • Facilitate greater uptake of water and nutrients