Trial Results

Toggle® has been extensively tested in a variety of trial conditions over the multiple years and we’re continuing to conduct trials in more locations and on a variety of crops. Please contact your local Toggle® representative or dealer for more information.

Do studies show that Toggle® produces results during stress? The answer is YES!

Toggle® Boosts Corn Yields

  • Improved pollination
  • Full kernel depth
  • Thicker stalks
  • More consistent ear size
  • Potential of more rows around each cob

On average, corn yield increased 7.65%

Corn Yield Increase Graph

Toggle® Adds Sauce to Soybean Yields

  • More pods
  • Larger bean size
  • Reduced pod abortion

On average, soybeans achieved a 9.9% increase

Soybean Yield Increase Graph

Toggle® Powers Potato Yields

  • Improves stress tolerance
  • Enhances uptake of key nutrients such as nitrogen and calcium
  • Elicits key metabolic pathway responsible for tuberization
  • Improves yield

On average, potatoes achieved a 17% yield increase in marketable yield

Potato Yield Increase Graph

Toggle® Strikes Gold for Wheat Growers

  • Bioactive sugars bind to micronutrients, improving the bioavailability and transport of nutrients within the plant.
  • Improves tolerance to a variety of stressful conditions including drought, chill, heat and salinity
  • Enhances yield and quality
Wheat Yield Increase Graph